TAG provides multiple training opportunities for customers that include:

  • On-site at our VB Headquarters

  • Mobile Training Teams:  TAG provides training solutions in the location of your choice

  • Online:  TAG provides a wide range of online training solutions.  The benefits of these online solutions are:

    • Ability to train students located in remote/austere regions globally.  Students can train while deployed OCONUS

    • Increase student home dwell time

    • Reduced customer travel costs




  • Technical Operations Theory and Application

  • Mechanical Design:  Fundamentals through Advanced

  • Antenna Modeling:  Fundamentals through Advanced

  • Radio Wave Propagation

  • Circuit Assembly and Advanced Soldering Techniques

  • Principles and Applications of Software Defined Radios

  • Hardware Design and Development



  • RedHat CentOS:  Fundamentals through Advanced


Full Mission Profile Design and Execution

  • Role Players:  Interagency, Country Team, Script Writers, Higher Echelon Battle Staff (J2 / J3 / TSOC Commanders), Surveillance Teams, etc.

  • Exercise Design and Execution

  • Airborne ISR

  • Maritime Vessels

  • Catering services in remote areas

  • Turnkey logistics infrastructure


2X / 3X Sensitive Activity Operations

  • Command & Staff Course

  • Operators Course

  • Sensitive Activity Design Methodology

  • Sensitive Activity Preparatory Course

  • Advanced Operational Security

Country Team Role Players – (Regional Security Officer / Defense Attache)

  • Provides mentorship involved with staffing, coordination, and approval of concepts of operation (CONOPS) associated with the following mission sets in various AOs

    • Foreign internal defense (FID)

    • No accompanying train, advise, assist (TAA)

    • Assessment and survey of partner force airfields missions

  • Country Team / Embassy Operations Briefings

  • Mentorship and guidance related to conducting SOF operations within a non-title 10 embassy environment, with specific areas of focus on:

    • Status of weapons possession

    • Country clearances

    • Lessons learned / potential roadblocks faced by SOF in embassy environment

    • Country specific concerns