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This 5 day hands-on course will prepare students with the fundamentals of modeling in Solidworks along with key design skills and resources to rapidly transition a requirement from concept-to-product.  No prior experience with Solidworks is needed.  The course begins with how to use Solidworks software for mechanical modeling.  Students will apply their CAD skills to generate models of existing components and integrate them into custom assemblies created in the course.  Generation of system bill of materials, fabrication, and assembly documents will be covered.  When they have completed the course, the students will have the fundamental skills required to efficiently design and document basic mechanical systems.


This 5-day, hands-on course assumes no prior knowledge and is intended to teach:


  • Solidworks fundamentals for mechanical design including modeling and drawing generation for fabrication

  • Efficient part design to enable rapid updates from changing requirements

  • Principles of designing for manufacturing, such as 3d printing or milling, to reduce lead time and unnecessary cost when releasing parts to production

  • Methods for electronics enclosure design and selection of the optimal approach

  • Matching material selection to the operational environment

  • Accounting for tooling both in manufacturing and install

  • Human factors when interfacing is required

  • Generation of purchasing/manufacturing output files and assembly drawings/procedures

  • Augmentations to 3D printing

  • Creating models of existing parts using direct and photographic measurement methods

  • Detailed assembly generation including fasteners and consumables to mitigate errors in purchasing and assembly

Please contact our Training Department for more information and registration details.

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