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This 5-day hands-on course will prepare students with the fundamentals of circuit design and capture in Altium Designer along with key design skills and resources to rapidly transition a requirement from concept-to-product.  No prior experience with Altium Designer is needed.  The course begins with how to use the Altium Designer software for component library creation to create custom electrical schematic symbols and PCB land patterns.  Students will use the components created in their library to build a schematic to represent the electrical blocks followed by designing a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) utilizing the library components along with the circuit schematic.  Generation of circuit bill of materials, fabrication, and assembly documents will be covered to allow for in-house fabrication (via Bantam Tools desktop mill) or professional production.  When they have completed the course, the students will have the fundamental skills required to efficiently design and document basic hardware systems from initial concept to a physical hardware solution.


This 5-day, hands-on course assumes no prior knowledge and is intended to teach:


  • Altium Designer fundamentals for hardware design including library creation, schematic capture, PCB design

  • Efficient component part design to include 3D models for real time rendering

  • Principles of designing for manufacturing, such as multi-layer, trace width and spacing, to reduce lead time and unnecessary cost when quoting boards for fabrication

  • Setup and utilizing the Design Rules built into Altium Designer to prevent errors

  • Methods for designing circuit boards to fit into unique enclosures and locations

  • Advanced PCB topics (stack up, via definitions, base board materials, copper weights, rigid and flex materials)

  • Document generation required for PCB fabrication and Assembly

  • Rapid fabrication techniques to reduce downtime (Bantam Tools)

Please contact our Training Department for more information and registration details.

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