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This 5-day hands-on course will prepare students with the fundamentals of soldering electronic components according to the IPC J-STD-001 specifications along with experience utilizing advanced skills and resources to expedite the assembly of circuits. The course begins with the basics of soldering which includes covering the necessary tools and equipment required and how to properly maintain the equipment. Students will utilize the equipment and development boards provided onsite to learn the proper techniques for establishing solder connections on through-hole and surface mount components, connectors, and cable wiring harnesses. The students will then practice the installation and removal of microminiature components on COTS devices utilizing the techniques taught in the throughout the course. The final portion of the course is designed to teach the students the proper way to utilize the equipment and advanced techniques for reflow soldering which can significantly reduce error and assembly time.


This 5-day, hand-on course assumes no prior knowledge and is intended to teach:


  • Implementation and criteria for industry standard acceptable solder joints according to IPC J-STD-001 and IPC-A-610

  • Equipment and tools necessary for implementing solder joints to various components

  • Introduction and identification of components found within consumer electronics

  • Through-hole and surface mount component assembly and rework with use of microscopes

  • Proper termination of connectors and wire harness construction

  • Removal, rework and modification of micro-miniature components within consumer electronics

  • Utilizing specialized equipment for reflow soldering to expedite assembly process

Please contact our Training Department for more information and registration details.

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